You Need an ExpressCrypto Account To Recieve Payments!

This Faucet Pays Every Three Minutes for Two Hours After Solving the Shortlink. However you can add Upto 24 Hours time to the faucet by solving additional Shortlinks!


Our Doge Auto Faucet is an easy way to make free Dogecoins. You can claim free Dogetoshis without any hassle or wait while getting paid directly to cryptocurrency microwallet. You just need your unique user ID to begin and the faucet will run for hours paying directly into your ExpressCrypto account.


How to start Doge Auto Faucet and Claim Free Coins?

Enter Your Unique ID

Enter Your Unique ID from ExpressCrypto Account. You can get this from your account Dashboard.

Pass The Shortlink

You will reach the verification link after starting the Auto claim. Solve it to recieve coins directly in your ExpressCrypto Account automatically

Autofaucet started

Once the verification process is verified, keep the browser tab open and do your other work while enjoying free money automatically.

Enter your unique user ID!

You need your Unique ID from ExpressCrypto account to recieve payments.

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